Facta! Yes, Facta ficta! […] All historians speak of things
which have never existed except in imagination.
Friedrich Nietzsche, Daybreak: Thoughts on the Prejudices of Morality

Facta Ficta Research Centre was established in order to promote contemporary studies in the humanities. Since its inception in January 2015, the Research Centre has been struggling to promote key concepts in cultural studies, with a specific emphasis on popcultural, u/dystopian, game, and media studies.

Ksenia Olkusz, the current CEO of the Research Centre, focuses on broadening areas of its scientific activities, diversifying problematically existing projects, and creating a dynamic scientific community interested in conducting international research projects.

The Foundation aims to provide educational, scientific and cultural activities which would support and promote research on culture (also popular culture) and new media, hereinafter referred to as cultural studies . The specific aims are:
1. to observe international trends in cultural studies and promote in the Polish academic community,
2. to spread and consolidate knowledge of significant events which influence contemporary artistic and media culture,
3. to popularise research and their results in cultural studies carried out by Polish and foreign scholars, educators and cultural personages,
4. to support specific projects on cultural studies which are considered as valuable academic and didactic activities,
5. to support and/or prepare specific artistic projects which have a great impact on the development of contemporary culture,
6. to organise and promote voluntary programmes within academic communities.

— an excerpt from the Statute of the Foundation

Board of Trustees

Ksenia Olkusz (CEO of Facta Ficta Research Centre)
Renata Iwicka (Board Member)
Wiesław Olkusz (Board Member)

Address for Correspondence and Further Information

Ośrodek Badawczy Facta Ficta
ul. Opoczyńska 39/9
54-034 Wrocław

Tax Identification Number (NIP) 9452183274
National Official Business Register Number (REGON) 361028361
Account Number (€) 38 1090 1665 0000 0001 3033 1737
OBFF in the National Court Register (link)